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Free 3.1.5

Catching up to bug fixes in recent Premium versions, this version has lots of changes and is highly recommended for all users.

  • OR fallback didn’t actually fall back to OR, but instead got stuck in an endless loop of AND searches.
  • Meta queries didn’t work without a key; now they work with just meta_value or meta_value_num.
  • Meta queries had problems with meta_value being set to null.
  • Relevanssi now supports category__and. By default this sets include_children to false.
  • When querying by slug, the term taxonomy is also taken into consideration, fixing problems when same slug appears in different taxonomies.
  • Author search didn’t work.
  • Fixed an error message caused by all-number synonyms starting with zero, like 02.
  • Synonyms are now case-insensitive.
  • New filter: relevanssi_default_tax_query_relation can be used to change the default tax query relation from OR to AND.
  • Fixed undefined variable errors when doing an OR fallback.
  • New filter: relevanssi_bots_to_not_log makes it possible to block bots from logs. The format matches what other plugins, ie. WP-Useronline, use for bot blocking, so you can share block lists.
  • New filter: relevanssi_admin_search_ok gives you more control when Relevanssi overrides the default WP search in admin, useful for fixing P2P_Box AJAX search.
  • Ordering search results by title or date in admin search works now.
  • Modified the way the highlights work; now highlighting words with apostrophes should produce more meaningful results.
  • Highlighting should not highlight anything between & and ; or in

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