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Premium 2.6 / Free 4.5

The new versions include couple of new filter hooks that are not of big interest to most users, but may be helpful for specific needs. The biggest change in this version is how the stopwords page works: now it is possible to remove all stopwords without having the stopword list automatically repopulate from the default…

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Debugging Relevanssi searching issues

Relevanssi has plenty of useful filter hooks you can use to debug problems. Here are some examples of how you can use the Relevanssi filter hooks to debug issues. Place the functions one at the time in the theme functions.php file and run a search to see results. First try Relevanssi admin search Before checking…

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Adding extra boost for exact title matches

Every now and then somebody wants to see exact title matches higher in the results. Usually the best way to go about with this is to simply increase the title weight, maybe switch the default operator to AND and let the Relevanssi algorithm lift the best results on top. If that is not enough, you…

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Relevanssi_results filter

From 2.9.13 and Premium 1.7.6 there’s a new filter, relevanssi_results. This filter is given an array containing the search results in (post ID, weight) format. The filter expects to get the same thing back. This filter can be used for processing the hits somehow, modifying the weights and whatever you can come up with. I…

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