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Free 3.2

Version 3.2 is out now, and is more a feature release than a bug fix release. Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed a bug in the TablePress support.
  • Titles are put through the_title filter before indexing.
  • New filter: relevanssi_join can be used to join tables in the Relevanssi search MySQL queries. Thanks to Ninos Ego.
  • New filter: relevanssi_post_content can be used to modify post content before any Relevanssi processing.
  • New filter: relevanssi_post_content_before_tokenize can be used to modify post content just before it’s tokenized.
  • New filter: relevanssi_indexing_values can be used to modify what Relevanssi stores in the index.
  • New filter: relevanssi_default_meta_query_relation can be used to change the default meta query relation (default value is “AND”).
  • When using a meta_query, relation can be set to OR now.
  • Phrases are now matched to excerpts.
  • Number of queries Relevanssi generates is much, much lower.
  • New filter: relevanssi_didyoumean_url lets you modify the URL generated by the did you mean feature.
  • Better set of Russian stopwords.
  • Relevanssi now highlights search query synonyms as well in documents.

Pretty much all of these new features and fixes come from user requests and bug reports, so if there’s something missing in Relevanssi, just let me know. Especially if it’s something that can be fixed with a filter hook added somewhere.

New WordPress version, 3.8, is coming soon. Relevanssi users can rest easy – this version has been developed on a 3.8-alpha site, and so far everything seems to work just fine.

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