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Why we don’t offer free trials

Often users would like to get a free trial of Relevanssi Premium, but we always say no. Why is that?

The answer is simple: we offer our customers such liberties that providing a temporary trial use is difficult.

Relevanssi customers have liberties

We don’t believe in spying our customers or restricting their use of the plugin. Thus all Relevanssi Premium licenses are unlimited: you can use the license on as many sites as you wish, without any activations or other restrictions. This makes things technically simple, while providing the customers valuable freedom.

This also means we can’t turn off the plugin from a customer’s site, like we could if the plugin was activated somehow.

Relevanssi Premium does use license keys, but these are only used to control access to upgrades and features that use our resources, currently only attachment content reading. This happens on our server and uses our resources, so it’s something we want to restrict to paying customers.

Refunds and a free version are available

If you want to give Relevanssi a go to see how it works with your current setup, often the free version from the plugin repository is enough to see how things work. If the free version works, the Premium will work too, and vice versa – the code base is mostly the same for both plugins.

What’s best, you may find out that the free version is good enough for you: it’s quite powerful in itself and able to fulfill most needs for a better search.

If you need to try out the Premium features, the only way to do that is to purchase a license. If it doesn’t work for you, you can get a refund within 30 days without problems or too many questions (though we would really prefer that if you have problems getting Relevanssi to work, you’d at least give us a chance to fix them – you’re paying for the support, please use it!).

While we do not offer free trials, we do respect and trust our customers to offer very flexible refunds.

How Relevanssi licenses work

Relevanssi Premium licenses come in two different forms: annual and permanent. The difference is straightforward: the permanent license is good for as long as we stay in business, while the annual license runs out after a year has passed.

The annual license is not a subscription: your account will not be automatically charged after a year. Instead your license will expire, the plugin will continue to work, but attachment reading will stop working and you won’t be able to access new updates anymore.

You will also get an email from us, telling you the license has expired and with a 20% discount coupon, so you can renew your license at a cheaper rate. Whether you renew or not is up to you, and you can keep using Relevanssi Premium without renewing for as long as you wish.

Why does Relevanssi Premium cost as much as it does?

Selling Relevanssi Premium is our business and main source of income: it keeps us afloat. That’s simple and something most people will agree with.

There are people who do question selling software licenses, or at least complain about the prices. You may have noticed there are sites selling WordPress plugin and theme licenses, offering access to lots of premium plugins and themes for a cheap price. That’s perfectly legal, thanks to the GPL licensing used. Is it safe to use these sites? Maybe, but I would check all code downloaded from these sites for malware and trojans, and if you’re not capable of doing that, think twice whether you can trust the source or not.

Sometimes these sites justify their business by claiming WordPress plugins are too expensive. I can see that. Relevanssi pricing isn’t very flexible and I understand that what is cheap for someone may be too expensive for someone else. Relevanssi Premium pricing is in the end driven by the cost of living in Finland – and that’s not cheap.

There’s some pressure against the permanent licenses. Some people really like the permanent licenses, and I understand that, as getting your boss to accept a single payment can be much easier than accepting a yearly fee, and for a business, the price difference often isn’t significant.

However, it’s the customer support that’s the biggest demand on our resources. The amount of development work is the same, no matter how many customers, and development can be done whenever there’s time for it – there’s rarely any pressure. Providing customer service is more demanding, and needs to happen now.

Right now our resources are enough to cover the needs of our customers, but when the amount of customers goes up, we need to either stop selling licenses or add expensive and hard-to-find resources to customer service – and neither of these options is particularly appealing.

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