Pre-sales FAQ

This FAQ aims to answer most pre-sales questions Relevanssi Premium customers have.

I have 100.000 posts, can Relevanssi handle it?

Possibly. It depends on your hosting. On a weak hosting, yes, there may be problems, and in any case your database will be bigger than your hosting provider will like. With a good hosting, Relevanssi works even if there are millions of posts.

For a more powerful search, look into something that is hosted outside your own servers, like Algolia, Solr or ElasticSearch.

Does Relevanssi work with theme X or plugin Y?

Most of the times someone asks us this it’s about a plugin or theme we’ve never heard of, so the usual answer is “we don’t know”. Divi, Avada and Genesis work with Relevanssi, so does WooCommerce and ACF. BuddyPress doesn’t.

Can Relevanssi index PDF or other attachment content?

Yes! Relevanssi Premium can read the text contents of PDF files and find PDFs based on their content. The PDF indexing is done using an external web service, which makes it fast, reliable and very light on your own server.

Can Relevanssi index this data I have somewhere?

Relevanssi can index the following things:

  • posts (all posts types: posts, pages, custom post types)
  • user profiles (in Premium)
  • taxonomy terms (in Premium)

If the data you want to index doesn’t fall into these three categories (if it for example resides in a different database table), Relevanssi can’t access it.

It’s possible to add all sorts of data to the posts Relevanssi index, but the basic unit is a post, and if something isn’t a post (or a user profile or a taxonomy term, which Relevanssi can make look like a post), there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Is the payment yearly, one-off or monthly or what?

Relevanssi Premium Annual license is an one-off payment (that is, not automatically renewing subscriptions) that buy you a year of support and upgrades. Once the year has passed, you will get an email telling your license has expired and offering you a 20% discount for renewing your license.

If you decide to renew, you’ll enjoy another year of upgrades and support. If you don’t renew, the plugin will continue to work, you just won’t be eligible for support and upgrades.

If you buy a Permanent license, your license will be good forever and won’t ever expire.

We are a charity operation or an educational user, can we get a discount?

Contact us for more information.

Can we get a trial?

No. There are no trial versions available (here’s a lengthy explanation why). For general compatibility tests, you can try the free version of Relevanssi. To try Premium features, you can buy a license and get a refund within 30 days, if the plugin isn’t compatible with what you have.