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Premium 2.4.4 / Free 4.3.4

Premium 2.4.4 and free 4.3.4 fix couple of long-standing bugs. The process of taking Relevanssi to 100% testing coverage proceeds and going over all the code systematically helped me find and fix a bug that had plagued comment indexing for a long time.

New features

  • Premium only: You can now target specific parts of the post with search terms like {post_tag:cat}, {title:word}, {author:mikko}, {customfield_name:value} and so on. See this Knowledge Base entry for more information.
  • Premium only: Related posts keywords can now be restricted by taxonomy, so tags will only match to tags and not other parts of the post. This may lead to increased precision.
  • You can now give Gutenberg blocks a CSS class relevanssi_noindex to exclude them from being indexed. Relevanssi will not index Gutenberg blocks that have the class.
  • Relevanssi automatically skips some custom fields from common plugins that only contain unnecessary metadata.
  • The search results breakdown is added to the post objects and can be found in $post->relevanssi_hits. The data also includes new fields and the breakdown from the excerpt settings page can now show author, excerpt, custom field and MySQL column hits.
  • Relevanssi can now index Ninja Tables table content. This is something of an experimental feature right now, feedback is welcome.
  • New filter hook relevanssi_indexing_query filters the indexing query and is mostly interesting for debugging reasons.

Bug fixes

  • Deleted and trashed comment contents were not deindexed when the comment was removed. That has been corrected now.
  • Phrase matching is now applied to attachments as well, including the attachments indexed for parent post.
  • Phrase matching only looks at custom fields that are indexed by Relevanssi.
  • Exact match bonus now uses the original query without synonyms added for the exact match check.
  • Paid Memberships Pro filtering is only applied to published posts to prevent drafts from showing up in the search results.
  • Premium only: Indexing internal links for target documents could cause documents to go unindexed. This has now been fixed. If you use internal link indexing, rebuild the index after you update.
  • Premium only: Relevanssi could stop plugin information retrieval for other plugins fail. This has been fixed.

The new versions are available from the plugin repository, from the Download page and through automatic update.

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