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Premium 2.2.3 / Free 4.1.2

2.2.3 adds a new Premium feature: redirects. This feature allows you to define keywords that will be automatically redirect the user to a certain page.

While this feature is only available for Premium users, this update is still very much worth the while for the users of free Relevanssi. For starters, there’s a fix for a fatal error caused by recent versions of Gutenberg, a massive performance boost for sites using the Did you mean feature and a new, easier way to sort the posts by post type.

Full changelog:

  • Premium: New Redirects feature lets you redirect keywords directly to specific result pages.
  • Premium: English stemmer has been improved a bit.
  • Choosing “CSS Style” for highlighting was not possible. That is now fixed.
  • Gutenberg reusable block indexing was fatally broken with the latest Gutenberg version. That has been updated.
  • Relevanssi now by default respects the WooCommerce “exclude from search” setting.
  • post__not_in still didn’t work properly, it does now.
  • New filter: relevanssi_comparison_order can be used to define the sorting order when sorting the results by post type.
  • “Did you mean” process included a very slow query. It is now cached, leading in some cases to massive performance improvements (we’re talking about several seconds here).
  • Highlights inside code and similar blocks are handled better now.

The Premium version can be updated with the auto update feature, or you can download the new version from the Download page. The free version is available from the plugin repository soon.

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