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Premium 2.2.5 / Free 4.1.4

Version 2.2.5 is a maintenance version that doesn’t introduce new features (except a couple of new filters) but fixes various problems. The biggest problem fixed is the case of multiplying post meta keys, which could happen when saving posts in Gutenberg. This new version will fix that: when a post is saved, all duplicate metadata generated by Gutenberg is removed.

Changes for both versions:

  • EXISTS and NOT EXISTS didn’t work for taxonomy terms in searches.
  • WPML post type handling has been improved. If post type allows fallback for default language, Relevanssi will support that.
  • Relevanssi now reminds you to set up automatic trimming for the logs. It’s a really good idea, otherwise the logs will become bloated, which will hurt search performance.
  • The Groups posts filter is only applied to public posts to avoid drafts being shown to people who shouldn’t see them.
  • The posts_per_page query variable didn’t work; it’s now added to the introduced query variables so that it works.
  • Relevanssi won’t log empty queries anymore.
  • The default tax query relation was switched from OR to AND to match the WP_Query default behaviour.
  • When used with WP 5.1, Relevanssi will now use wp_insert_site instead of the now-deprecated wpmu_new_blog.
  • Multisite blog creation is handled better in WP 5.1+.
  • Relevanssi now supports Restrict Content Pro permissions.

These changes only apply to Premium:

  • Gutenberg can cause duplicated postmeta fields for pinning and unpinning. Relevanssi will now remove the duplicate post meta when the post is saved.
  • New filter: relevanssi_user_indexing_args lets you adjust the arguments for the user indexing query, making easy for example to adjust which user roles are indexed.
  • API keys are handled better in single installations on multisites.
  • The pinning query is significantly faster.
  • In some cases, the related posts feature could show wrong number of posts. That’s now fixed.
  • WP CLI searches were disabled when Relevanssi is active; it should work now.
  • New filter: relevanssi_pdf_for_parent_query lets you adjust the MySQL query for fetching PDFs to index with the parent post.
  • New filter: relevanssi_pdf_for_parent_insert_data lets you manipulate the INSERT data for PDFs indexed with the parent post.
  • The Relevanssi metabox is now only shown for indexed post types.

Premium version 2.2.5 is already available through auto-update and from the Download page. The free 4.1.4 is not out yet as I write this, but will be available soon from the plugin repository.

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