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Premium 2.2.2 / Free 4.1.1

Version 2.2.2 of Premium and the matching 4.1.1 version of free include some minor fixes to search parameters. The biggest fixes are related to meta key sorting of results, some annoying error messages that crop up if you try to sort by an ACF field for example should be gone now. There were also some problems with post__in and other similar parameters.

As a new feature, Relevanssi can now index Gutenberg reusable blocks. No guarantees for this functionality, though, as this broke once already before I could even release this version, so this isn’t the most reliable feature. Gutenberg is still in very active development and apparently things can change.

  • Premium: The relevanssi_premium_get_post() now has a default value (-1) for the blog ID.
  • The post__in and post__not_in parameters didn’t work, and are now fixed. post_parent__in and post_parent__not_in are also improved.
  • You can use named meta queries for sorting posts. Meta query sorting is improved in other ways as well.
  • Log export didn’t work properly.
  • Adding stopwords from the common word list has been fixed.
  • The relevanssi_get_words_having filter hook is now also applied to the free version Did you mean queries.
  • New filters: relevanssi_1day, relevanssi_7days, and relevanssi_30days can be used to adjust the number of days for log displays, so instead of 1, 7 and 30 days you can have anything you want.

The new version is available from automatic updates and from the Download page or the plugin repository. The free version is not out yet, but will be shortly.

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