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Premium 2.1.4

Version 2.1.4 fixes couple of small bugs – a small regression, a problem sanitizing user inputs, issues with highlighting – and adds one new feature. There’s now a “Pin this post for all keywords” checkbox in the Relevanssi post controls box. That checkbox does pretty much what it says: it pins the post for all keywords that are in the post. Whenever a search is made where the post is found, it will be pinned to the top of the results.

Another significant fix is related to AND searches. There have been cases where a multi-word searches return different results depending on the word order: with certain orders, some posts haven’t been found. That has happened when there’s a throttle involved and some words are very rare. Putting the rare words first has returned results, but with the rare words last nothing is found.

Now Relevanssi will always sort the search terms in the order of rarity, no matter what order the user used. That should guarantee all posts are found as necessary.

  • Fixed cases where Relevanssi added an ellipsis even if the excerpt was from the start of the post.
  • Highlighting now works with numeric search strings.
  • Improved highlighting for accented words. Thanks to Paul Ryan.
  • A surplus comma at the end of post exclusion setting won’t break the search anymore.
  • Fixed instructions for adjusting the throttle limit.
  • New “Pin this post for all keywords” feature.
  • Improved results for AND searches.

The new version is available with the automatic updates, or from the Download page.

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  1. Hello,

    We have Relevanssi Premium installed on our site. One keyword combination (three letters followed by three numbers) does not result in the pinned post appearing at the top of the search results. How do I rectify this?


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