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Premium 1.10.5

Couple of bugs found, a significant improvement in the settings page and couple of new features. That’s what this version is made of. Here’s the changelog:

  • Support for WP Table Reloaded and TablePress. Tables created with these plugins will now be expanded and the content indexed by Relevanssi.
  • Relevanssi now adds spaces between tags when creating excerpts to make neater excerpts from tables and other similar situations.
  • Relevanssi now indexes unattached attachments, if you choose to index attachments.
  • Fixed some cases where AND search fails when the search terms include stopwords.
  • Fixed a bug in indexing user profiles and taxonomy terms.
  • Fixed the problems with Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven themes better.
  • Relevanssi now adds relevance score to posts before passing them to relevanssi_hits_filter. You can find it in $post->relevance_score.
  • New filter: relevanssi_index_comments_exclude can be used to exclude comments from indexing. The filter gets the post ID as a parameter, so you can prevent comments of particular posts being indexed, yet index those posts.
  • You can now choose the taxonomies to index from a checkbox list.
  • New Premium feature: you can disable particular shortcodes from the shortcode expansion.

Get yours from the download page or by auto-update.

9 comments Premium 1.10.5

  1. You can now choose the taxonomies to index from a checkbox list

    …Not working for me. I check a (custom) taxonomy and click “Save” and the taxonomy is un-checked (and not indexing as expected) when the page refreshes.

    1. Heh, goes to show nobody uses the feature – you’re the first one to notice it doesn’t actually work. Yeah, I’ll fix it, I’ve got some other fixes lined up as well. Expect a fix next week or so.

      1. In the meantime is there an easy way to get this working again? (In the previous version I had the taxonomy entered in a text field, but that’s disappeared in favor of the checkboxes, so my searches are no longer working right)

          1. Yeah, that’s not working. I’ve got relevanssi_index_taxonomies_list set to “a:1:{i:0;s:9:”condition”;}” (where “condition” is the custom taxonomy I’d like indexed) and it’s not happening.

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