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Premium 1.15.4 / Free 3.5.12

Both Relevanssi Premium and the free version have been updated. Both version include a update to the taxonomy query handling. Previous versions couldn’t handle nested tax_queries properly. That works now. There were also some issues with the post type exclusion: it didn’t work quite as expected.

Premium version also includes a significant performance improvement on multisite searches and removes a bug where using Quick Edit would wipe out the pinning keywords.

Here’s the full changelog for Premium:

  • Improved performance of multisite queries.
  • Copying settings between multisite sites didn’t work in networks of over 100 sites. Now the limit is 2000.
  • Post type exclusion didn’t work as expected.
  • Relevanssi couldn’t handle nested tax queries (such as those generated by WooCommerce product visibility filtering) properly.
  • Fake posts created for taxonomy terms now include the parent in $post->post_parent.
  • Doing a quick edit cleaned out the Relevanssi post controls settings.

The free version can be downloaded from the plugin repository. The Premium version can be downloaded from the downloads page and with the WordPress plugin auto-update feature.

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