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Premium 2.5 / Free 4.4

Relevanssi Premium 2.5.0 and Relevanssi 4.4.0 add new features and fix bugs in Relevanssi. Premium gets more updates this time, but the free version gets couple of helpful bug fixes, so this version is definitely worth the update.

Versions 2.5.1 and 4.4.1 are a quick fix for a problem with missing stopwords in the new version.

Versions 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 were not compatible with WordPress 4.9. Version 2.5.2 returns 4.9 compatibility.

New features

  • Premium: You can now edit the read attachment content on the attachment edit pages.
  • Premium: You can now redirect empty searches to a specific page instead of the search results template. You can choose the URL from the Redirect settings page.
  • Premium: Relevanssi now has a shiny new Gutenberg sidebar that replaces the old Relevanssi Post Controls metabox when using the block editor.
  • Premium: When new attachments are uploaded and Relevanssi is set to automatically read new attachments, that reading is now done as an asynchronous background process, so it won’t slow down the media upload.
  • It’s now possible to exclude image attachments from the index with a simple setting on the indexing settings page.
  • Page builder short codes are now removed in Relevanssi indexing. This should reduce the amount of garbage data indexed for posts in Divi, Avada and other page builder themes.

Changed behaviour

Minor fixes

  • Premium: Post type archive indexing doesn’t stop the WP CLI indexing if there are no post type archives to index.
  • Premium: Did you mean could occasionally cause long delays in searches. This was especially problematic in some object cache situations, when the transient didn’t last as long as it should’ve been. Updating the Did you mean word list, which is a slow process, now happens asynchronously.
  • Premium: Post type archive indexing could ran into problems when post types are added or removed. This should fix some of those problems.
  • Stopwords weren’t case insensitive like they should. They are now. Also, stopwords are no longer stored in the wp_relevanssi_stopwords database table, but are now stored in the relevanssi_stopwords option.
  • A comma at the end of the custom field indexing setting made Relevanssi index all custom fields. This doesn’t happen anymore and trailing commas are automatically removed, too.
  • Accessibility improvements all around the admin interface. Screen reader support should be better, feel free to report any further ways to make this better.
  • Doing searches without search terms and with the throttle disabled could cause problems. Relevanssi now makes sure throttle is always on when doing termless searches.
  • Untokenized search terms are used for building excerpts, which makes highlighting in excerpts work better.

The free version is available from the WordPress plugin repository. You can get the Premium version from the Download page or with the automatic update.

The download page shows two different versions of the plugin available. The basic version no longer includes tests or anything else you won’t need when actually using the plugin. The developer version includes tests and all sorts of other tooling you may find interesting if you’re a developer.

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