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Premium 2.4.3

Relevanssi Premium 2.4.3 is a bug fix release that fixes two rather nasty bugs in 2.4.2.

Bug fixes

  • Disabling update_post_metadata_cache seemed like a good optimization move for related posts, but it turns out it also disables related posts thumbnails. We’ll take weaker performance with working images, so that optimization move has now been revoked.
  • Importing options caused WordPress to crash, because related posts and redirect settings were handled incorrectly in the import, resulting in Relevanssi getting objects instead of arrays. Importing options is now safe again.
  • The Polylang compatibility filter didn’t return correct post objects if fields was set to ids or id=>parent (in particularly affecting related posts). Now the filter function returns correct type of result.
  • Enabling the related posts checkbox did not activate the number of months setting.

The new version is available from the Download page and with the automatic update.

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