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Premium 2.4.1 / Free 4.3.2

Premium 2.4.1 and free 4.3.2 are maintenance updates that don’t add much new, but fix issues and add general improvements – the project to take Relevanssi to 100% testing coverage proceeds and continues to produce improvements to the code.

New features

  • SEOPress support, posts marked “noindex” in SEOPress are no longer indexed by Relevanssi by default.

Removed features

  • Premium only: Multi-taxonomy restrictions with &taxonomy=post_tag|category&term=tag_term|cat_term format has stopped working, apparently long time ago. Looks like nobody missed it.

Changed behaviour

  • Membership plugin compatibility is removed from relevanssi_default_post_ok function and has been moved to individual compatibility functions for each supported membership plugin. This makes it much easier to for example disable the membership plugin features if required.

Minor fixes

  • The [searchform] shortcode now works better with different kinds of search forms.
  • Yoast SEO compatibility won’t block indexing of posts with explicitly allowed indexing.
  • The relevanssi_the_tags() function printed out plain text, not HTML code like it should. The function now also accepts the post ID as a parameter.
  • Excerpt creation and highlighting have been improved a little.

The new versions are available from the plugin repository, from the Download page and through automatic update.

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