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Premium 1.9

Finally, Relevanssi Premium 1.9! This version includes the new file structure, where most of the code has been removed from relevanssi.php and moved to various files in the lib directory. These lib files are common between Relevanssi and Relevanssi Premium, making maintaining the plugin much easier.

All the bug fixes I’ve done for free Relevanssi will be implemented in Premium just by copying the updated lib files from free to Premium. This doesn’t mean much to end-users but simplifies the process for me a lot, which means more bug fixes for you (especially as the larger user base of the free version now helps fix bugs in Premium as well).

My next project is to write a user’s manual for Relevanssi. That might take a while…

  • The default function on relevanssi_post_ok filter is now set to priority 9, instead of 10, so that user functions happen after the default function by default.
  • You can now use the plus operator for Boolean AND in OR queries. Any search term prefixed with + must appear in search results.
  • Fixed warnings for undefined variables.
  • Relevanssi won’t prevent media library searches anymore.
  • Search terms are no longer highlighted in titles on post pages. That caused too many problems.
  • You can now choose to allow HTML tags in excerpts.
  • Jetpack Contact Form shortcode caused problems when indexing. Relevanssi will now simply remove the shortcode before indexing.
  • Phrases are now also recognized in drafts and attachments.
  • Fixed an error message caused by searching for numbers.
  • You can now set post_types to ‘any’.
  • Role-Scoper users: in order to make Relevanssi work with Role-Scoper, replace the Relevanssi helper file in Role-Scoper with this file.
  • Removed an error message about set_time_limit() under safe_mode.
  • Fixed errors caused by / characters in highlighting.
  • Added an alert when user hasn’t selected any post types to index (and default values).
  • Custom field setting ‘visible’ works now.
  • Relevanssi won’t mess media library searches any more.
  • Search terms are no longer highlighted in titles on post pages. That caused too many problems.
  • New filter: relevanssi_didyoumean_query let’s you modify the query for Did you mean? queries
  • New filter: relevanssi_user_searches_capability lets you modify the minimum capability required to see the User searches page.
  • When filtering results with taxonomy=a|b&term=a|b syntax, you can now use more terms per taxonomy, like this: taxonomy=a|b&term=a,b|c,d.

13 comments Premium 1.9

  1. Think there’s a bug,
    with this new version I do not get results. Have deactivated my created filter:
    add_filter( ‘relevanssi_hits_filter’, ‘relevanssi_hits_filter’ );
    function relevanssi_hits_filter( $data ) {

    Searched then for normal post_types (post/page), but got nothing.

      1. jip is working now, thanks. Maybe you should check something like that when updating? Have got a question. How many posts/pages/etc can relevanssi index and search? Is there a limit for?


        1. That was an unfortunate oversight, yes, but I did send an email about it to all subscribers, so you should’ve received a note warning about it. Also, as far as I can tell, only 16 people downloaded the buggy version.

          There’s no hard limit, it’s only limited by your server capabilities. You should be fine until you have tens of thousands of posts.

  2. Get this WP Error:
    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘user_id’ in ‘field list’]
    INSERT INTO *_relevanssi_log (query, hits, user_id, ip) VALUES (‘test’, 2, 2, ‘***’)

    Is it a bug or not correctly installed? :/

  3. Ninos, million posts are not a problem in theory. In practise, you’ll need lots of memory, which may be a problem.

    That error means your database isn’t correctly installed.

  4. Hi, can someone please tell me, on some pages, how can I switch from relevansi to wordpress standard search.

    Thx in advance

        1. Good point, Ninos. That alone is not enough, though – removing that filter only enables WP search, but doesn’t disable Relevanssi. But if you also use

          remove_filter(‘the_posts’, ‘relevanssi_query’);

          then you’ll disable Relevanssi and enable WP search.

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