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Proximity sorting

Relevanssi Premium 2.16 added proximity sorting to search results. That means you can sort the search results by geographic location. Instead of having the most relevant matches first, you can have the nearest results first. There are many ways to use geolocation in WordPress. The way Relevanssi does this is flexible but requires some work.…

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Spam search blocking

Spam searches are a common feature on WordPress sites. Spam bots make lots of useless queries. They hope sites display the search queries somewhere, providing links to spam sites. This is unpleasant, clogs up the search logs and wastes resources. Relevanssi Premium introduced a new spam blocking feature in version 2.15.0. You can use this…

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Multi-part excerpts

Relevanssi Premium 2.11 introduces a new feature: multi-part excerpts. There’s a new setting on the Excerpts & Highlights settings tab, “Number of excerpt snippets”, and that lets you define the maximum number of excerpt snippets Relevanssi generates for each post. How does it work This option is only available when the excerpt length is defined…

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Can Relevanssi access content outside WordPress?

Short answer: no. Relevanssi can only access WordPress content. For a longer answer, read on. Only within single WP installation Relevanssi only operates within one WordPress installation. Relevanssi Premium supports multisite searching, where the search can return posts from more than one subsite at once, but even in those cases the WordPress sites must be…

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Wildcard matching

Relevanssi Premium 2.10.2 introduces a new way to search: wildcard matching. Once the wildcard matching is enabled (it is disabled by default), it introduces two new operators: * and ?. Using the wildcard operators The * operator replaces zero or more characters, so searching for w*ess would match “wilderness”, “witness”, “WordPress” and also “wess”. The…

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Target specific part of the post

Relevanssi Premium 2.4.4 introduced a new feature where you can target specific parts of the post straight from the search terms. The format for this is {target:search_term} Target can be one of the following: title: Post title. content: Post content. author: Author display name. comment: Comment text. link: Link from another post. excerpt: Post excerpt.…

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