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Premium 2.11 / Free 4.9

It’s been a while since the previous version, and the list of features and bug fixes in this version has grown long. This version includes several interesting new features, both for free and Premium. Free version users get access to better debugging tools. There’s now a Debugging tab in the Relevanssi settings, which lets you…

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Premium 2.10 / Free 4.8

After the Summer break, Relevanssi is back with new versions, both to Premium and free. These are mostly small improvements, but when testing the new version, I discovered a bug in the comment indexing that has made Relevanssi not index comments when they are added. I’m not sure why this hasn’t come up in tests…

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Premium 2.8 / Free 4.7

These versions add new features, but these are mostly small and of interest to developers. As a big change Relevanssi is now active in Media Library searches in the admin backend (if admin searches are enabled): feedback on this is welcome. Excerpts should be slightly better, especially when content stopwords are involved and post part…

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Premium 2.7 / Free 4.6

The main reason to release this new version is to fix a major problem with WordPress 4.9 compatibility. I strongly recommend moving on to WordPress 5 (and Classic Editor, if necessary), but this version removes the problem. Since there were couple of changes in Relevanssi behaviour included as well, this is a minor update and…

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Premium 2.6 / Free 4.5

The new versions include a couple of new filter hooks that are not of big interest to most users but may be helpful for specific needs. The biggest change in this version is how the stopwords page works: now it is possible to remove all stopwords without having the stopword list automatically repopulate from the…

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Premium 2.5 / Free 4.4

Relevanssi Premium 2.5.0 and Relevanssi 4.4.0 add new features and fix bugs in Relevanssi. Premium gets more updates this time, but the free version gets couple of helpful bug fixes, so this version is definitely worth the update. Versions 2.5.1 and 4.4.1 are a quick fix for a problem with missing stopwords in the new…

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Premium 2.4.4 / Free 4.3.4

Premium 2.4.4 and free 4.3.4 fix couple of long-standing bugs. The process of taking Relevanssi to 100% testing coverage proceeds and going over all the code systematically helped me find and fix a bug that had plagued comment indexing for a long time. New features Premium only: You can now target specific parts of the…

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Premium 2.4.3

Relevanssi Premium 2.4.3 is a bug fix release that fixes two rather nasty bugs in 2.4.2. Bug fixes Disabling update_post_metadata_cache seemed like a good optimization move for related posts, but it turns out it also disables related posts thumbnails. We’ll take weaker performance with working images, so that optimization move has now been revoked. Importing…

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Premium 2.4.2 / Free 4.3.3

Premium 2.4.2 and free 4.3.3 are maintenance updates that don’t add much new, but fix issues and add general improvements – the project to take Relevanssi to 100% testing coverage proceeds and continues to produce improvements to the code. New features New filter hook relevanssi_indexing_adjust can be used to stop Relevanssi from adjusting the number…

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