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Premium 2.2.1

It’s been a while since the previous Relevanssi Premium release, and there’s enough material to make this a bigger version number shift. The new version includes bunch of bug fixes, nothing particularly fatal or related to vulnerabilities, but especially multisite searching works better now. The new features should be interesting. There’s a new tab in…

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Premium 2.1.7 / Free 4.0.11

It’s been a while from the previous Relevanssi release, and there’s plenty of fixes to all sorts of issues in this version. Nothing major, though, couple of unpleasant interface issues are fixed and there are several improvements in how highlighting works in excerpts. Relevanssi has been tested to be compatible with WordPress 4.9.8. Premium updates:…

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Premium 2.1.6 / Free 4.0.10

Versions 2.1.6 and 4.0.10 are privacy updates, adding GDPR and privacy related features to support the new privacy tools in WordPress 4.9.6. The versions also include some bug fixes around places, and refactoring to make the code easier to understand, if you ever need to look under the hood. Here’s the full list of changes:…

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Premium 2.1.2 / Free 4.0.6

The previous versions of Relevanssi had couple of unpleasant bugs. Those bugs went pass the testing, but one of them is now a test case in the Relevanssi test suite (the rest aren’t, because right now, the test suit only tests things that are not related to other plugins). MemberPress post control was backwards. These…

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Premium 2.1.1 / Free 4.0.5

Thanks to a very eye-opening talk in WordCamp Jyväskylä earlier this year by Otto Kekäläinen from Seravo, Relevanssi code has been reviewed and modified to follow WordPress coding standards. As a result, there have been minor improvements all around the code to make things more robust and secure. Every new Relevanssi Premium release is now…

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