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Premium 2.1.2 / Free 4.0.6

The previous versions of Relevanssi had couple of unpleasant bugs. Those bugs went pass the testing, but one of them is now a test case in the Relevanssi test suite (the rest aren’t, because right now, the test suit only tests things that are not related to other plugins). MemberPress post control was backwards. These…

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Premium 2.1.1 / Free 4.0.5

Thanks to a very eye-opening talk in WordCamp Jyväskylä earlier this year by Otto Kekäläinen from Seravo, Relevanssi code has been reviewed and modified to follow WordPress coding standards. As a result, there have been minor improvements all around the code to make things more robust and secure. Every new Relevanssi Premium release is now…

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Relevanssi Premium 2.0.3

Version 2.0.3 is mostly maintenance, fixing bugs in previous versions. There have been some issues with the PDF indexing, some wrinkles we’re still ironing out. As a new feature, you can now have Relevanssi automatically read the contents of new PDF files – that wasn’t possible before. This setting is disabled by default, as it…

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Premium 2.0.2 / Free 4.0.2

Time for another maintenance release. There have still been some bugs in the new indexing procedures. For free version, the new release removes some error notices, improves support for page builders and makes the Polylang setting work better. For the Premium version, all those apply, and then some more: New filter: relevanssi_multisite_public_status lets you make…

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