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Premium 1.7.8

I got a very useful bug report yesterday, which prompted me to finish up version 1.7.8. There are some feature requests I didn’t have time to do, but I managed to fix several bugs.

  • Relevanssi indexed user profiles on update, whether the option was checked or not.
  • Relevanssi tried to index taxonomy terms on update, but couldn’t, because there was another bug that prevented it.
  • In some cases stripping tags would cause words to be joined. Tags are now replaced with spaces to make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Fixed problems with undefined variables.
  • Sometimes text would have non-typical space characters left in it, causing trouble. Relevanssi can now remove those spaces.
  • Relevanssi had some problems with WP-Footnotes plugin, fixed that.
  • New filter relevanssi_modify_wp_query lets you modify $wp_query before it is passed to Relevanssi.

The new filter passes a $wp_query object, which you can then modify before Relevanssi sees it. This can be very useful in some situations.

Please let me know if the new tag stripping function causes you problems.

The relevant bugs will be squished from the free version in the next version, which will be done in couple of days or so.

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