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Korean postpositions

Korean has postpositions, which complicate things for Relevanssi. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean up the most common postpositions from the words. Add this function to your site: After you’ve added this function, rebuild the index. You also need to adjust the minimum word length to 2, as many Korean words are only two characters long.…

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Relevanssi and languages

Relevanssi is language-agnostic in itself. It does not know any language and doesn’t care about which language the site uses. However, there are a few things that you need to consider when using Relevanssi in languages other than English. Characters: use UTF8 As long as your site uses UTF8 characters, Relevanssi can handle just about…

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Premium 1.7.5

I was told that Relevanssi Premium doesn’t index drafts, even though it should (since 1.6). Looks like the feature has gone missing in some update. Sorry about that. This version reintroduces it. Drafts are automatically indexed and shown in admin searches. I’m also adding the first test version of the declension featured mentioned before. This…

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