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Oxygen and Ninja Tables

Relevanssi has support both for Oxygen and Ninja Tables, but the way the Ninja Tables support is done, it’s not working when used with Oxygen. The Ninja Tables support in Relevanssi is looking for the Ninja Tables shortcodes in the post content, but Oxygen keeps everything in custom fields. Fortunately, the fix is simple: you…

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MemberPress Downloads add-on

The Downloads add-on for MemberPress adds downloadable files to MemberPress. These files are stored outside the Media Library, so by default Relevanssi attachment indexing has no access to them. However, Relevanssi offers filter hooks you can use to make Relevanssi index the MemberPress Downloads files. Adjust the query All this code goes to the child…

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Download Monitor: Index PDF content for parent page

Relevanssi can handle Download Monitor files without significant problems. If you want to use the “Index PDF contents for the parent page” option, there’s a problem, though. Download Monitor comes in between: the PDF post is attached to the Download Monitor dlm_download post and not the page where the [download] shortcode is. It’s easiest if…

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WP Download Manager

WP Download Manager is a popular file management plugin for WordPress. It’s unfortunately incompatible with Relevanssi attachment content reading out of the box, as Relevanssi expects the attachments to be stored in the Media Library, and WP Download Manager stores the files outside Media Library. Fortunately Relevanssi includes the necessary filter hooks that make it…

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Indexing embedded PDFs for the parent post

Relevanssi can automatically index PDF content for the parent post if the PDF (or other attachment) is attached to the parent post in WordPress. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the PDF is attached to the page using an embed, which doesn’t create a connection between the posts in WordPress. Thus, Relevanssi won’t know…

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Chamber Dashboard Business Directory

The Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin has a business directory search that’s not compatible with Relevanssi. To disable Relevanssi in those searches, add this to your theme functions.php: This will make the business directory search work again. However, I would recommend just using Relevanssi to search the business directory as well – that’s possible, and…

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Toolset Views

Relevanssi works fine with Toolset, thanks to a lot of compatibility code the makers of Toolset have included in it to make it work with Relevanssi. However, everything doesn’t work automatically without modifications. The key thing to notice with Toolset is that query variables and filters don’t work the way you’d expect. Because of the…

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Gmedia photo gallery tags

Gmedia photo gallery gives a false impression of working with Relevanssi, as you can see the gmedia_tag taxonomy appear in the list of taxonomies: However, if you try to index those tags, you’ll soon notice Relevanssi isn’t actually indexing them. That’s because Gmedia gallery doesn’t use that taxonomy for the tags. The tags are actually…

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