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ACF: Indexing files from File fields

Relevanssi can index attachment contents from files linked to posts with ACF File fields. This does not happen automatically but requires some extra code. The code required depends on which return value you use for your ACF File fields. If you use “File ID”, the code looks like this: For “File Array”, the code looks…

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ACF: Filtering custom fields by type

On sites where ACF fields are used a lot, with Flexible Content and Repeater fields, it may be difficult to make Relevanssi only index the relevant ACF fields. One way to deal with problem is to set Relevanssi to index “visible” custom fields and then restrict the indexed fields by field type. Add this function…

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Indexing WPML synced posts

When a post is updated, WPML updates all the translations of the post, but Relevanssi only indexes the post that was updated, not the corresponding posts in other languages. This method hooks into save_post after WPML to tell Relevanssi also to index the matching translations. Thanks to Garrett McGilvray / Éditions CEB. There’s a similar…

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Indexing Polylang Pro synced posts

Polylang Pro has a feature to sync translations between posts. The problem with this and Relevanssi is that Relevanssi does not index the changes to the synced posts. With this filter function added to your site, Relevanssi will also index the synced posts: Thanks to Nico von Niederhäusern / Cubetech. There’s also a method for…

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10Web Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery plugin from 10Web uses a shortcode to add photo galleries to posts and pages. By default, Relevanssi doesn’t index the gallery contents. Photo Galler only registers the shortcode in the front end, so when Relevanssi indexes pages in the admin context, Relevanssi only sees the shortcode, not the gallery contents. To fix…

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Premium 2.19 / Free 4.17

Version 2.19.0 (4.17.0 for the free version) was the big maintenance release after the summer break. Version 2.19.1 / 4.17.1 Minor fix: WooCommerce layered navigation compatibility function caused enough problems that I disabled it by default. The problems included performance issues and incompatibilities with third parties, like BeRocket. You can enable the feature with add_filter(…

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Integrating Koko Analytics stats

It’s possible to integrate all kinds of external data to Relevanssi weights. Koko Analytics is a great analytics plugin. It collects stats about your visitors and stores them in the local database, which means those stats are available for Relevanssi. For some sites, this makes a lot of sense. For example, I have Kirjavinkit, a…

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