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Conflict with User Access Manager

Relevanssi has a conflict with User Access Manager plugin. Both plugins attach to the same `the_posts` filter hook with the same priority, and if UAM runs after Relevanssi, it may cause some issues, like missing excerpts or even broken search results pages. The solution seems simple, however: at least in the one case I’ve run…

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bbP Private Groups support

Private Groups is a plugin that makes bbPress forum groups private. Relevanssi, however, doesn’t understand that privacy and will show those groups in the search results. Relevanssi has means to support this, however, with the help of the relevanssi_post_ok filter. Here’s some code from Mark Wass that makes the private forum posts private in search.…

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Indexing Profile Builder Pro -generated users

Profile Builder Pro is a fine tool for managing user profiles. However, profiles created by Profile Builder Pro front end forms do not get automatically indexed by Relevanssi. This is because of the user account generation process in Profile Builder Pro doesn’t probably trigger all the filter hooks WP does, and thus Relevanssi doesn’t notice…

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ACF subfields

If you have subfields or repeater fields in ACF, Relevanssi doesn’t understand the field_%_subfield notation. You can have Relevanssi index subfields by setting the custom field setting to all: that makes Relevanssi index all custom fields, which includes the repeater fields. If you want more control, Simon Wheatley has created Relevanssi: add ACF subfields to…

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Infinite Scroll from Jetpack

Jetpack has Infinite Scroll, which is a pretty cool feature, but unfortunately doesn’t work with Relevanssi on search results pages. Infinite Scroll uses WP_Query to get more posts, and that isn’t compatible with Relevanssi. I’m not aware of a solution that would allow Infinite Scroll to work with Relevanssi. There isn’t enough room for customization…

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Issues with post order plugins

If you’re getting low quality results and the weight settings are not affecting the results, the first thing to check is to see if your results are coming from Relevanssi in the first place. That’s easy to check: disable Relevanssi and see if the results change. If the results change, they’re coming from Relevanssi. If…

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Relevanssi and Polylang

Relevanssi has an option that restricts the multilanguage searches to just current language. With Polylang, that setting doesn’t actually do anything. Polylang always restricts the searches to the current language. If you want to remove that restriction, you need to disable the taxonomy setting Polylang adds to the searches. You can do it with this…

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Advanced Custom Fields Relationship fields

I’m working on a website and i’m use A LOT the Relationship field au ACF. So on my pages are displayed informations of some related custom post. Is there a way to get that working in the search ? With some help from me, the person who asked this question on the support forums…

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Yoast Local SEO compatibility issues

Yoast Local SEO plugin breaks Relevanssi search. It enhances the search by adding meta queries. Unfortunately they don’t work with Relevanssi. The fix is simple, though: add_filter(’relevanssi_modify_wp_query’, ‘rlv_meta_fix’, 99); function rlv_meta_fix($q) { $q->set(’meta_query’, ”); return $q; }add_filter(‘relevanssi_modify_wp_query’, ‘rlv_meta_fix’, 99); function rlv_meta_fix($q) { $q->set(‘meta_query’, ”); return $q; } This clears out the meta_query.

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Membermouse support for Relevanssi

If you’re using MemberMouse to manage memberships on your site, having Relevanssi co-operate with MemberMouse is easy. Just add the following code to your theme functions.php and your protected content will not be displayed to users without access to the content: add_filter(’relevanssi_post_ok’, ‘membermouse_relevanssi_ok’, 20, 2); function membermouse_relevanssi_ok($post_ok, $doc) { if (function_exists(’mm_access_decision’)) { $post_ok = mm_access_decision(array("id"=>$doc,…

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