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Free 2.9.2

Here’s the changelog for Relevanssi 2.9.2: It’s now possible to adjust the number of search results per page. See Changing posts_per_page for instructions. Somebody reported revisions appearing in the search results. Added an extra check to prevent that. Improved the indexing procedure to prevent MySQL errors from appearing and to streamline the process. Improved the…

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Premium 1.5.7

Small fixes. I got some bug reports and feature requests, so I implemented them: Added default values to the database columns, this could cause some problems. Indexing could cause problems, because Relevanssi changed the contents of global $post. That’s fixed now. There’s an option to choose the default order of search results, by relevance or…

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Premium 1.5.5

Another day, another version of Premium. Added two new filters: relevanssi_index_titles and relevanssi_index_content. Add a function that returns false to the filters to disable indexing titles and post content respectively. Google Adsense caused double hits to the user search logs. That’s now fixed thanks to Justin Klein. Every now and then people have requested a…

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Premium 1.5.4

John Blackbourn sent me another bug fix, this time related to multisite installations. This isn’t a mandatory upgrade, unless you use multisite. It’s now possible to remove matches from the results with the external filter relevanssi_match. If the weight is set to 0, the match will be removed. Multisite installations had problems — installing plugin…

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