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Sorting search results

If you want something else than the default relevancy ranking, you can use orderby and order parameters for the search query. Orderby accepts $post variable attributes and order can be asc (ascending) or desc (descending). The most relevant attributes here are most likely post_date and comment_count. If you want to give your users the ability…

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Direct access to the query engine

Relevanssi can’t be used in any situation, because it checks the presence of search with the is_search() function. This causes some unfortunate limitations and reduces the general usability of the plugin. You can, however, access the query engine directly. There’s a function called relevanssi_do_query(), which can be used to do search queries just about anywhere. Here’s a…

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Using the relevanssi_hits_filter hook

One of the most useful filter hooks in Relevanssi is the relevanssi_hits_filter, which lets you modify the array of posts Relevanssi finds. The filter passes an array, where index 0 gives the list of hits in the form of an array of post objects and index 1 has the search query as a string, in…

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Using the relevanssi_where hook

If you want to add extra filters to the search results, you can add them using a hook. Relevanssi searches for results in the _relevanssi table, where terms and post_ids are listed. The various filtering methods work by listing either allowed or forbidden post ids in the query WHERE clause. Using the relevanssi_where hook you can…

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Using unusual character sets

Some people have reported problems with Relevanssi and non-English characters, mostly accented letters. The problem here isn’t with Relevanssi, which handles UTF-8 characters without problems (if you’re not using Unicode, but some other character set, you may indeed be out of luck). The issue lies with MySQL. If you’re having troubles, try switching the collation on…

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Showing the number of search results

If you want to show the number of search results found on the search results template, you can find the value in the variable $wp_query->found_posts. Just add <?php echo ‘<p>Found ‘ . $wp_query->found_posts . ‘ hits.</p>’; ?> in your search results template. In case that produces no results, try introducing the global $wp_query variable like…

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