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Premium 1.7

This version fixes some small bugs and adds cool new features. This version is not a mandatory update, but recommended thanks to the bug fixes. I’d recommend some caution with the new features on important sites.

  • Relevanssi now stores more data about custom fields and custom taxonomies, allowing more fine-tuned control of results.
  • It is now possible to adjust weights for all taxonomies, not just categories and tags.
  • There was a bug in custom field indexing that caused all custom field terms get a term frequency of 1.
  • There was a bug in custom taxonomy indexing, effects of which are uncertain. Probably nothing major.
  • The tag (and tags) query variable now accepts tag names as well as tag IDs. For category names, you can use category_name.
  • Relevanssi can now index user-specified MySQL columns from the wp_posts table.
  • It’s now possible to give a weight bonus for recent posts.

For fine-tuning, when using relevanssi_match filter, the $match object passed now contains more information of the hits in custom fields and custom taxonomies.

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