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Non-ASCII highlights

Relevanssi has problems with highlighting terms when non-ASCII alphabet are used. The highlights don’t work with Cyrillic alphabet, for example. This is a problem with the regular expression I’m using to find the terms in the text. The regular expression uses word boundaries to find terms that are at the beginning or at the end…

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Posts cannot be found, only one result per search

Update: This bug is no longer relevant. Versions from Premium 1.3.2 fix this and the free version has never suffered from the bug. However, I’m not sure if an update to 1.3.2 fixes this. In this case, the instructions below fix the problem. If you’re having problems finding posts with words that appear in them…

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Premium 1.3

Relevanssi Premium 1.3 is now available, with some very interesting features. Bug fix: when choosing mark highlighting, the option screen showed wrong option. Category restrictions now include subcategories as well to mirror WordPress default behaviour. Internal links can be now indexed for the source, target or both source and target. It’s now possible to limit…

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Premium 1.1.2

Difficulties getting started… Earlier versions of Relevanssi Premium miss some database fields in the database declaration, causing trouble. This version will fix the problems. Nasty little bug, and fixing it wasn’t simple – the dbDelta function WordPress uses to fix tables is very cool when it works, but a pain to debug. Download the new…

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