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Premium 1.16.1 / Free 3.6.1

I was told today that there is a security vulnerability in Relevanssi. It is possible to set the post type and taxonomy weights to values that are not numeric, and those values will be inserted into SQL queries, making SQL injection possible. However, it requires either admin access to the WordPress dashboard or direct access…

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Free 3.3.6 / 3.3.7

Relevanssi 3.3.6 was released on Friday, and today followed by 3.3.7. You can see the release notes of 3.3.6 below. 3.3.7 just fixes a new incompatibility with bbPress, probably triggered by WordPress 4.0 update. Relevanssi handles taxonomy terms in search better. The change requires a reindexing. Fix in indexing: Relevanssi will now bypass the global…

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