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The Events Calendar: The event search

The event search from The Events Calendar does not work when Relevanssi is enabled. In regular use, it works, but if you try to access the event list directly with a search term in the URL, the search finds nothing. One solution is to make Relevanssi index the tribe_events post type. Then you can enable…

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Gutenberg Full Site Editing

There’s a compatibility issue between Relevanssi and Gutenberg Full Site Editing. No results are found when you create a Query Loop to display the search results with Relevanssi enabled. The blank results happen because the post template block doesn’t use the Relevanssi results but instead uses a new WP_Query. Since Relevanssi still blocks the default…

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Relevanssi is generally well compatible with FacetWP, which provides advanced filtering and faceting capabilities for the search. There are, however, some situations where Relevanssi and FacetWP do not work well. Make sure you are using the Relevanssi integration plugin for FacetWP. It covers most of the problems. Disabling the FacetWP integration In some cases, however,…

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Keyword-based search blocking

Update: In Premium 2.15.0 and later versions, you can do spam blocking from Relevanssi settings. Just navigate to the Spam Block tab on Relevanssi settings! If your search logs are full of spam with repeating keywords, you’re being targeted by a spammer. Their goal is to get visibility to their malicious URLs, hoping Google will…

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