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Search is ignoring accents

In general, searches ignore accents, which is generally a good idea: for example in French, the difference between e and é isn’t huge, and it’s fine if the search engine isn’t too picky about which is which. However, there are cases where there is a big difference: for example in Finnish, the letter ä isn’t…

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Relevanssi and languages

Relevanssi is language agnostic in itself. It does not know any language and doesn’t really care about which language the site uses. However, there are few things that need to be considered when using Relevanssi in languages other than English. Characters: use UTF8 As long as your site uses UTF8 characters, Relevanssi can handle just…

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Searching Bible verses

A surprisingly common problem with Relevanssi is Bible verses. All that meaningful punctuation and single digits make exact matching of Bible verses really difficult for Relevanssi, and when searching for Bible verses, exact results are what matters – hitting something similar is generally not very helpful. There’s an easy solution, though: use phrases. Wrapping the verse…

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Simple French plurals

If you have Relevanssi Premium and want to make Relevanssi understand French plurals, you can add this code to your theme functions.php: Then just rebuild the index, and now searching for plurals will also find the singular form. This is a very simple way to handle the plurals: it will simply strip the final “s”…

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Allowing decimal numbers

Relevanssi by default does not support decimal numbers. The decimal points are handled as punctuation and removed. If you want to keep decimal numbers together and make them available in the search, you can add this code to your theme functions.php: add_filter(’relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘rlv_keep_decimals’, 9); function rlv_keep_decimals($a) { $a = preg_replace(’/(\d)\./’, ‘\1PERIOD’, $a); return $a; }…

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