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Premium 1.1.2

Difficulties getting started… Earlier versions of Relevanssi Premium miss some database fields in the database declaration, causing trouble. This version will fix the problems. Nasty little bug, and fixing it wasn’t simple – the dbDelta function WordPress uses to fix tables is very cool when it works, but a pain to debug. Download the new…

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Premium 1.1

The first version of Relevanssi Premium is out now. For certain reasons it’s already version 1.1. Here’s what the changelog says about this version: Multisite WordPress support. See Multisite searches in Knowledge Base for instructions on how to search multiple blogs. Improved the fallback to fuzzy search if no hits are found with regular search.…

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Multisite searches

Multisite search only works in Relevanssi Premium. Free Relevanssi can be installed in multisite environments, but it cannot search across sites. Relevanssi Premium can only support multisite searching across sites in the same multisite network. Relevanssi can’t search across multiple sites that are not in the same multisite installation. Cloud-based search tools can help you…

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Category title in the search results page

If you’re using category restriction dropdown on your search form, here’s a bit of code that you can add to your search results template to show how many hits were found and what the category is. If no category was selected, this’ll just show how many hits were found.

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