apply_filters( 'relevanssi_query_filter', string $query )

This filter hook filters the MySQL Relevanssi uses to fetch results from the database.


(string) The MySQL query that Relevanssi uses to fetch the results.

More information

There are many steps in the Relevanssi searching process. During the searching, Relevanssi generates a MySQL query to fetch the results from the Relevanssi database table.

You can use this filter hook to modify the search query. However, that’s generally not useful. There’s probably a better way to achieve things you could achieve with this filter hook. This filter hook is best for debugging the search query:

add_filter( 'relevanssi_query_filter', 'rlv_debug_query' );
function rlv_debug_query( $query ) {
  error_log( $query ); // Log to PHP error log.
  var_dump( $query ); // Print out query on the screen.
  return $query;

If you use this filter hook for modifications, make sure you make the same modifications to the DF query with the relevanssi_df_query_filter hook.

To modify different parts of the query, you can use other filter hooks:

Relevanssi adds a filter function relevanssi_limit_filter on this filter hook to limit the number of results fetched from the database, based on the throttle settings.