Wow. Not only was that the fastest response I’ve ever received, but it’s the fastest resolution too. THANK YOU!

Jennifer R.

Relevanssi is the most powerful search plugin I could find – better than Google Search for WordPress. It was the only solution for what we needed at It is highly flexible, and Mikko’s customer service was superb. Just stop looking elsewhere now, and buy it!

Alec Shekhar

Mikko’s Relevanssi plugin saved our search!

We were struggling with irrelevant search results on our bbPress forum, – the largest Danish Online Marketing Forum.

The build in search engine in WordPress simply did not deliver the results our paying members where asking for.

The only plugin that fit our criteria (working with WordPress, bbPress and working behind a paywall) was Relevanssi, which also happens to be the best WordPress search engine.

Implementing it needed some tweaking and Mikko has been amazing in helping us out. Now we have the search results that we wanted!

Anders Saugstrup

To be honest, I think the developers of Relevanssi have offered too much in the free version. [..] There is no comparison between default WordPress search and Relevanssi – the latter blows the former out of the water. [..] Not only that, Relevanssi is a piece of cake to set up.

— Relevanssi: The Best Search Engine for WordPress?

Tom Ewer

Relevanssi, un muy buen script que nos indexará comentarios, tags, campos personalizados, así como por supuesto títulos y contenidos, y nos formateará la página de resultados por relevancia.

— TodoWordPress recommends Relevanssi.


I’ve recently discovered Relevanssi, which arranges search results by relevance rather than by date. I immediately installed it everywhere. It’s wonderful. There are a lot of plugins that improve WordPress’s search results, but this is the easiest to use.

– Author of Beginning WordPress 3.0

Stephanie Leary

Thanks for your sharing your well-designed and valuable plugin with the world and making it available for me to use on my website. It is working flawlessly and my guests are making much more use of the information on my website. After more than two years of using the inadequate WordPress default plugin, traffic appeared to improve steadily immediately following the installation of your Relevanssi plugin.

— Dog Food Advisor

Dr. Mike Sagman