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Indexing attachment file names

Relevanssi has been working nicely for the normal usecase. But how does one setup indexing of attachment files. When someone searches by a file name or an extension like pdf, there are no results. I have enabled ‘attachment’ at Relevanssi ‘Indexing options’ and still there are no results. Relevanssi doesn’t index attachment file names. For…

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Indexing the post ID

Are post ID’s searchable in Relevanssi? No. Relevanssi does understand the WP_Query p parameter to restrict the search by post ID. However, if you want to search by post ID, it’s very simple to make that happen using the relevanssi_content_to_index filter hook: Add that to theme functions.php, reindex and searching for post ID’s works. Originally…

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How to index parent categories

Suppose you have a parent category with no products in it but a child category does. If you search by the parent category can relevanssi be set up to show the products in the child category? Cars > Wiper Blades. A search for cars shows wiper blade products. By default this does not work, because…

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