Known conflicts

Relevanssi doesn’t work with everything. Here are some plugin or theme incompatibilities that we are aware of:

Doesn’t work at all

  • Sensei
  • BuddyPress and BuddyBoss – there’s no way to override the default search with Relevanssi.
  • WP Job Manager (Here’s a fix.)
  • NextGen Gallery – NextGen stores all image information in custom tables Relevanssi can’t access. Current versions of NextGen store image metadata in the wp_posts database so it would be possible to connect the ngg_pictures posts to the NextGen data stored in the separate table, but it’s complicated.
  • BSK PDF Manager – Relevanssi can work with most file manager plugins that use custom post types, but BSK PDF Manager stores the file information in a custom database table instead and that is out of reach for Relevanssi.

Limited compatibility

  • FooGallery – Relevanssi can index the images in the galleries, but the galleries themselves are inaccessible to Relevanssi.

Has issues

  • WP File Download – WP File Download overrides Relevanssi post type settings and sets the searched post types to “post, page, wpfd_file”. That can be overridden with a relevanssi_modify_wp_query filter function. Relevanssi is compatible with WP File Download and can read PDF content indexed by WP File Download. The PDF content won’t show up in excerpts.

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