Kay Cunningham

I am two years new to the website business. I have, however, been a graphic designer for nearly 40 years. I purchased Relevanssi after reading so many positive reviews. I had some issues getting Relevanssi installed — not because of product, but because of where I am in the learning curve. I contacted Mikko and he got me all set up, including fixing some other issues I had created in Google, which were sure to cause problems with Relevanssi. I can’t say enough positive things about Mikko. He responded to all my questions immediately, and I mean immediately. He never snarked, was always positive, and never made me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing — which I often don’t! Mikko and his product are top-shelf. The last search plugin I used displayed way, way too many results. I was afraid all the search results would be overwhelming to the user. I like the way Relevanssi displays and allows you to narrow down results as you want.