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Words with ampersands can’t be found

A lot of people on my site are looking for ‘H&M’. I have an H&M page but it does not show up when searching with Relevanssi. How can I change the plugin so that words with the &-sign get found?

Update: Relevanssi Premium versions 2 and above include some punctuation control with an easy to use interface.

By default Relevanssi cleans out ampersands (and other punctuation). In order to keep them, you’ll have to modify the way the punctuation is handled. A simple solution to fix the problem is this:

add_filter('relevanssi_remove_punctuation', 'saveampersands_1', 9);
function saveampersands_1($a) {
    $a = str_replace('&', 'AMPERSAND', $a);
    $a = str_replace('&', 'AMPERSAND', $a);
    return $a;
add_filter('relevanssi_remove_punctuation', 'saveampersands_2', 11);
function saveampersands_2($a) {
    $a = str_replace('AMPERSAND', '&', $a);
    return $a;

Stick this code to your functions.php file and rebuild the index. If you’re not protecting ampersands, just change the &s to something else. For more complicated modifications, it’s best to rewrite the whole relevanssi_remove_punct() function (unhook the default function, copy it, make modifications as you see necessary and then hook in the new function).

Update 12.2.2014: Adding

$a = str_replace('&', 'AMPERSAND', $a);

to the first function covers also ampersands that are proper HTML entities.

This was originally asked at the WP support forum.

Removing punctuation completely

In some cases there’s no need to keep the punctuation, but it makes sense to remove them completely instead of replacing them with spaces. This simplifies the code a bit. For example, to make hyphens inside words not a problem, add this code:

add_filter('relevanssi_remove_punctuation', 'remove_hyphens', 9);
function remove_hyphens($a) {
    $a = str_replace('-', '', $a);
    return $a;

Add this code to the functions.php and rebuild the index.

Keeping decimal separators

These functions keep decimal separators, ie. periods followed by a digit:

add_filter('relevanssi_remove_punctuation', 'keep_decimal_separators_1', 9);
function keep_decimal_separators_1($a) {
    $a = preg_replace('/\.(\d)/', 'DECIMALPERIOD\1', $a);
    return $a;
add_filter('relevanssi_remove_punctuation', 'keep_decimal_separators_2', 11);
function keep_decimal_separators_2($a) {
    $a = str_replace('DECIMALPERIOD', '.', $a);
    return $a;

Adjusting punctuation control

Current Relevanssi versions have simple controls for punctuation that is not covered under the Advanced indexing settings. If you want to for example remove underscores completely, add this to your theme functions.php:

add_filter( 'relevanssi_punctuation_filter', 'rlv_adjust_punctuation' );
function rlv_adjust_punctuation( $replacements ) {
    $replacements['_'] = '';
    return $replacements;

39 comments Words with ampersands can’t be found

  1. Hi. Is this hook valid for a Multisite Installation?

    I did try (in our functions.php):

    add_filter(‘relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘saveampersands_1’, 9);
    function saveampersands_1($a) {
    $a = str_replace(‘&’, ‘AMPERSAND’, $a);
    return $a;
    add_filter(‘relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘saveampersands_2’, 11);
    function saveampersands_2($a) {
    $a = str_replace(‘AMPERSAND’, ‘&’, $a);
    return $a;


    remove_filter(‘relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘relevanssi_remove_punct’);
    add_filter(‘relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘enc_relevanssi_remove_punct’);

    function enc_relevanssi_remove_punct($a) {
    $a = strip_tags($a);
    $a = stripslashes($a);
    $a = str_replace(“·”, ”, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“…”, ”, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“€”, ”, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“­”, ”, $a);
    $a = str_replace(chr(194) . chr(160), ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(” “, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(‘’’, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“‘”, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“’”, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“‘”, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“””, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(““”, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“„”, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“´”, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“—”, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“–”, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(“×”, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(‘&’, ‘AMPERSAND’, $a);
    $a = preg_replace(‘/[[:punct:]]+/u’, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = str_replace(‘AMPERSAND’, ‘&’, $a);
    $a = preg_replace(‘/[[:space:]]+/’, ‘ ‘, $a);
    $a = trim($a);
    return $a;

    We did rebuild the index of all blogs… but a search like this: “D&G” or “Build&Beader” didn’t works.

    We are Premium Users, would you like to help us?

    Thank you.

    1. Multisite uses the same code, so yes, this is valid for Multisite installations as well. However, I’m not sure where the code should be added… You should check if the code is being executed in the first place: add an echo and an exit to the function and see if it’s even run.

      If it’s being executed, then it should work, so I’m guessing it’s just not being noticed. I’m not sure if the code should be on network level or in individual blog level, so try the different options.

      1. Thank you! Do you mean to try the first solution? The one guggested in your post? I will try.
        I am quite sure code was executed, cause I wrote “die($a);” and I was able to see myAMPERSANDquery and my&query (I did try with “D&G”).
        I will let you know. Thank you.

        1. I recommend the first solution, but both should work.

          Do note that this should work in two places: both in indexing and in searching. if the code executes when searching, but not when indexing, or vice versa, searching won’t work.

    1. add_filter(‘relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘saveampersands_1’, 9);
      function saveampersands_1($a) {
      $a = str_replace(‘-‘, ‘HYPHEN’, $a);
      return $a;

      add_filter(‘relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘saveampersands_2’, 11);
      function saveampersands_2($a) {
      $a = str_replace(‘HYPHEN’, ‘-‘, $a);
      return $a;

      1. I feel like ‘HYPHEN’ is still a potential risk. Couldn’t we use something like ‘%HYPHEN%’ to ensure it’s unique?

  2. Don’t know what I am doing wrong. Added this code to my functions.php

    add_filter(‘relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘saveampersands_1’, 9);
    function saveampersands_1($a) {
    $a = str_replace(‘_’, ‘UNDERSCORE’, $a);
    $a = str_replace(‘_’, ‘UNDERSCORE’, $a);
    return $a;

    add_filter(‘relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘saveampersands_2’, 11);
    function saveampersands_2($a) {
    $a = str_replace(‘UNDERSCORE’, ‘_’, $a);
    return $a;

    And when I search for example GE_0001 I get 0 results, but I should get about 40
    Tried all kind of variations. Like the code with the hyphen and then only replace the – for _ all with the same result – nothing. I need to keep the _ in the results since the site is a shop with SKU with _.

    1. Karin, the code is correct, so I’d next check that Relevanssi is indexing the SKUs in the first place. If you create a product with a SKU without an underscore, for example “TESTSKU”, can you find it? If not, start by fixing that.

      1. Relevanssi was indexing the SKU. I had it working till the latest update of Relevanssi. I didn’t have the code in the functions.php but just removed the lines in de common.php of the plugin. That worked, but that is not working anymore either. Is there a way to complety empty the index and start indexing all over again. Maybe that will help

          1. I did build the index over and over again, but still when I search on ge_0001 I get all the results for GE and 0001

          2. Hmm, hard to say. The code is correct. You might want to try and see that it runs, just to be sure. Add this in the first function before the “return $a;” line and then try to save a post:

            echo “it runs”;

            Now you should see a white page with the text “it runs”. If you don’t see a white page and the post is saved as usual, then your code does not run and that’s where the problem is.

          3. That works. I had to remove the functions because it gave “no results” where there should be results. I outcommented the line for the underscore replacement in the common.php and after that I emtied the relevanssi database table and build it again. No result.. the index again is full with lose components of the SKU

          4. it is working!!!!. Just completly uninstalled Relevanssi from my website and installed it fresh again (after I activated the code again in the functions.php. REbuild the index and when I search for LB_0001 I only get leatherbands… and nothing else 🙂 Thank you for thinking with me. Code was fine.. installation had a bug somewhere.

  3. Hi Mikko,
    I have Arabic text that have punctuation. the old versions of Relevanssi used to correctly ignore the punctuation and get the text.
    I had Relevanssi off for around a year, then installed it again to resume using it.
    The newest version did not detect the text, so when i seach using the “unpunctuated” text, i don’t get any search results.

    I tried to apply the same concept above using the following function:

    add_filter(‘relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘arabic_filter’, 9);
    function arabic_filter($a) {
    $tashkeeel = array(“ّ”, “َ”, “ً”, “ُ”, “ٌ”, “ِ”, “ٍ”, “ْ”);
    $a = str_replace($tashkeeel, “”, $a);

    (the punctution characters are in between “”, but might not appear properly)

    However, when i do so and rebuild the index, the index does not detect any posts and says:

    Documents in the index: 0
    Terms in the index: 0
    Highest post ID indexed: 0

    I have to remove the function to be able to regain the indexing again.

    Am I doing something wrong in my functions?

    thank you very much

    1. You’re eliminating all text, because you haven’t remembered to actually return any value. Your filter is a black hole that swallows everything… so just add a “return $a;” in the end and you’ll be fine =)

  4. I have a product that has SKU “OM100/827/LED” and when i do the search it gives me 516 results of all products that have LED indexed. It looks like it searches for “OM100 827 LED” where he removes the slashes “/” is there any workaround for this?

    1. Alex, you’ve posted this comment to the very post where the solution is described. Use the code for removing hyphens, but instead remove slashes.

      1. Well i tried that first and it just changes it to &2F, but i found solution, you just select exact term in settings instead of alternatives and it works as expected. Thanks

  5. Added the code above to be able to search for a term like “Q&A” which is used in many of our posts titles. I get no results in the drop-down created by the plugin “SearchWP Live Ajax Search” (unless I deactivate Relevanssi), but when pressing enter to get the full result page, some of the posts appear in the result.

    I have previously added filters to make Relevanssi search and score posts with matching tags, but with the search for “Q&A” does not list any of the posts tagged with that term.

    1. The code is not necessary anymore. Go to the indexing tab of Relevanssi settings, open “Advanced indexing settings” and set Ampersands to “keep”. Then rebuild the index. That should do the trick. Did you remember to rebuild the index?

      1. I updated the index both after discovering that these posts were not found, and after adding the code not needed. I have also updated the index again, after changing the settings to keep ampersand, and removing the added code.

        No difference, searching for “Q&A” shows “No results found” in the drop-down by “SearchWP Live Ajax Search” (which works when Relevanssi is disabled, and works for other searches when enabled), and does not find those 4 new posts I added yesterday, with only “Q&A” appearing as a tag.

        The 4 posts are also placed in its own category for adding links to from other places on the site later (the last one in the category is old, and found because of “Q&A” in the title):

          1. It has been, but wasn’t now when I checked. Maybe something that changed when updating ? I’m reindexing and will let you know the result.

            Still, this will probably not solve the problem with the Ajax search showing no result for “Q&A” while Relevanssi is active.

          2. Now, I get results that includes those 4 only tagged with, and in a category with the name containing “Q&As”, still no results by the Ajax search (no results at all).

            I also checked the scoring for these new posts, were listed as the last results, with a score of 106,65, which was exactly the same when not including the category in the index. Do category matching give no score by default ?

  6. I can’t really tell why it’s not working with SearchWP Ajax Search. That’s not my product, I can’t tell why it’s not using Relevanssi.

    Are you on version 4.0.9? There’s a bug in the tag and category searching in previous versions. Make sure you’re running the latest version.

  7. I’m using Relevanssi 4.09, which seems to be the latest.

    It’s not hard to guess what the author of “SearchWP Live Ajax Search” will answer if I report this as a bug/problem since the only failure is on searching something including “&”, and only in combination with Relevanssi activated, and then no results at all are found (until doing a full search by pressing enter)..

    1. PeO, I investigated this, and it looks like a problem with SearchWP Live Ajax Search. If I search for “Q&A” and see what search query Relevanssi gets, it’s “Q”. SearchWP Live Ajax Search is for some reason not encoding the ampersand correctly, and the search term is split there. Without Relevanssi, the single “Q” will find something, but with Relevanssi enabled, it won’t find anything.

      The search query is s=q%26a&action=searchwp_live_search&swpengine=default&swpquery=q&a, and that swpquery is interpreted as just “q”. If you search for “q%26a”, the ajax search should find something.

      I can drop the SearchWP Live Ajax Search developers a note about this bug.

  8. Thanks for checking that, should be a simple fix for the developers that know the code. The search for “Q” only explains the a lot higher number of hits when Relevanssi was not enabled.

    Please let them know about the problem, it’s probably for them to check that it works with you than individual users of their plugin.

  9. Thanks, that solved the issue. I also had to change /includes/class-form.php to use the non-minified javascript all the time (not only during debug), as for some reason it didn’t work after using a online minifier (
    There’s probably a correct way to do it, but this will work for now.

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