I wanted to boost the regular search function for a website that
contains many documents. I wanted to achieve that searching could be
performed much more accurately and visitors are served faster. For this
I bought the Relevanssi premium plugin. I received fantastic and fast
help for the installation. I strongly recommend going a step further and
buy the premium version!

Bart / NL34

I’d just like to give a shout out to how awesome this plugin is (Premium version). I have a site with pages, standard posts and a custom post for a document library where a couple gigs of PDFs are stored on AWS S3 using another plugin, and Relevanssi does a full-text index of all of it and returns context-sensitive results in less than a second. Plus good documentation and a responsive developer. This is the stuff of dreams.

Nancy Hildebrandt

I’ve used Relevanssi for several years now, and it is an essential plugin on my bigger sites. Relevanssi is an absolute must-have if you want to offer a better user experience on your WordPress website, because we all know how important a good search function is (and how bad the standard WordPress search is). Mikko keeps adding new features – I love the PDF search and more recently the related posts feature. Support is excellent, even for help with non-standard features. Thanks Mikko!

Dr. John Gøtze

I am two years new to the website business. I have, however, been a graphic designer for nearly 40 years. I purchased Relevanssi after reading so many positive reviews. I had some issues getting Relevanssi installed — not because of product, but because of where I am in the learning curve. I contacted Mikko and he got me all set up, including fixing some other issues I had created in Google, which were sure to cause problems with Relevanssi. I can’t say enough positive things about Mikko. He responded to all my questions immediately, and I mean immediately. He never snarked, was always positive, and never made me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing — which I often don’t! Mikko and his product are top-shelf. The last search plugin I used displayed way, way too many results. I was afraid all the search results would be overwhelming to the user. I like the way Relevanssi displays and allows you to narrow down results as you want.

Kay Cunningham

It’s seldom one gets such prompt and helpful service – much appreciated!

John Killin

I had a really high end client that had a specific need and there wasn’t any other WordPress plugin out there that could handle it. We were looking at having to build something from scratch, to handle a a large and unusual database. Fortunately we found Relevanssi.

I emailed the creator a question and got a very speedy response, and so purchased and installed it. And it worked perfectly! Except for one small thing. The boolean search operators were slightly different than our client wanted. That’s not an uncommon thing, clients are really knit picky about details, and it sucks when you have to tell them something can’t be done.

But I emailed the creator of the plugin, and again he responded to me telling me he could help update the plugin to meet our needs. And he did, the very next day! This is a great plugin, with excellent support, and I will definitely be using this again. Thank you!

PebbleArt Inc.

PebbleArt Inc.

בין אם אתם מתקינים את הגירסה החינמית של התוסף Relevanssi או את גירסת הפרמיום, לבטח התוסף ישפר את תוצאות החיפוש באתר הוורדפרס שלכם. פעולה זו תשפר את חווית המשתמש על ידי הצגת תכנים יותר רלוונטים כלפיו ותמנע מהגולשים לחפש תשובות בבלוג אחר – ובכך תגדל החשיפה לפוסטים שלכם.

שיפור מנגנון החיפוש בוורדפרס עם Relevanssi

Roee Yossef

Pár évvel ezelőtt belefutottam egy problémába. Egy olyan weboldalt építettem, ahol napi szinten 2000-3000 új bejegyzés keletkezett és nagyságrendileg ennyi is törlődött. Az összes bejegyzés száma pedig megközelítette a 100.000 darabot. Ezt a content mennyiséget simán lekezeli a WordPress, viszont, ha keresni is szeretnénk ennyi adat között, az már problémásabb és nagyon terhelő tud lenni a szervernek (főleg úgy, hogy a látogatók szinte csak a keresőt használják).

Kipróbáltam számos kész megoldást és saját ötletet is, de egyik sem hozta el a kívánt eredményt. Aztán teszteltem egy finn fejlesztő (Mikko Saari) Relevanssi nevű bővítményét és egycsapásra az összes problémám megoldódott.

– WPHU.org

László Patai

Relevanssi Search WordPress plugin is absolutely the best search plugin out there! I’ve started using it on my busy boxing site since 2011 (six years ago). It is incredibly fast, full of useful granular options (weighted searches, custom excerpt length, logical exclusions), full of features (highlighted terms, synonyms, stop words, partial searches, WPML-compatibility), and more. The UI is clean and easy to understand/use and the code is absolute no-nonsense. The plugin’s logic is so clever and comprehensive, it has and continues to blow away the competition throughout all these years. What makes Relevanssi even better is Mikko’s dedication and top-notch customer service. I can’t say enough about this amazing search plugin. I recommend everyone to do what I do and pay for the “Permanent” lifetime plan because nobody else will ever come close to the features and ease-of-use of Relevanssi.



This product has exceeded my expectations and is far superior to any other search enhancement plugin for WordPress I have ever used. Even more, the customer service goes way above and beyond. Mikko helped me resolve an issue with the theme I was using, was very responsive and pleasant to communicate with. I am looking forward to using Relevanssi Search in future projects!

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Jacqui Yoo