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Indexing HTML comments

By default, Relevanssi does not index HTML comments inside your posts. Relevanssi removes all HTML tags before indexing, and HTML comments (<!– like this –>) are counted as HTML tags. If you have content inside comments that you want indexed, you need to modify the punctuation control – which is responsible for removing the comments…

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Allowing decimal numbers

Relevanssi by default does not support decimal numbers. The decimal points are handled as punctuation and removed. If you want to keep decimal numbers together and make them available in the search, you can add this code to your theme functions.php: add_filter(’relevanssi_remove_punctuation’, ‘rlv_keep_decimals’, 9); function rlv_keep_decimals($a) { $a = preg_replace(’/(\d)\./’, ‘\1PERIOD’, $a); return $a; }…

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Making ‘ß’ and ‘ss’ equivalent

When users search for words with specific German characters like “ß” they don’t get the results for words containing “ss” instead. This is important not only for those users who are not sure about the spelling but also those from countries like Switzerland who use German but don’t have this character on their keyboard (apparently).…

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Words with ampersands can’t be found

A lot of people on my site are looking for ‘H&M’. I have an H&M page but it does not show up when searching with Relevanssi. How can I change the plugin so that words with the &-sign get found? Update: Relevanssi Premium versions 2 and above include some punctuation control with an easy to…

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