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ACF subfields

If you have subfields or repeater fields in ACF, Relevanssi doesn’t understand the field_%_subfield notation. You can have Relevanssi index subfields by setting the custom field setting to all: that makes Relevanssi index all custom fields, which includes the repeater fields.

If you want more control, Simon Wheatley has created Relevanssi: add ACF subfields to index plugin that finds subfields from ACF and feeds them to the Relevanssi indexer so they’re findable in search. It’s simple and effective. With this plugin enabled, you can use field_%_subfield to add subfields to Relevanssi index.

Update: the plugin is somewhat outdated, and this functionality has been part of Relevanssi Premium from version 1.15.3.

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  1. Said plugin has not been updated for four years now, is there any chance that this plugin is updated (see issues on GitHub) and added to the Relevenassi plugin?

      1. That is great. Maybe it is time to update this post, since it is the top hit when I search for ‘acf’?
        Related question: the relevanassi-acf-subfields plugin does not support hyphens (-) in custom field names, does Relevenassi Pro support this?

      2. Am I correct in understanding that this functionality isn’t a part of the free plugin? Asking because I’m trying to talk a stakeholder into purchasing the premium version.

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