WP Download Manager

…in which case the function above needs to be changed to this: $filename = $upload_dir[‘basedir’] . ‘/download-manager-files/’ . array_values( $files )[0]; Limitations With these two small functions Relevanssi can read the files attached to WP Download Manager posts. There’s one major limitation: WP Download Manager posts can contain multiple files,…WP Download Manager is a popular file management plugin for WordPress. It’s unfortunately incompatible with Relevanssi attachment content reading out of the box, as Relevanssi expects the attachments to be stored in the Media Library, and WP Download Manager stores the files outside Media Library. Fortunately Relevanssi includes the necessary……’rlv_wpdmpro_file’, 10, 2 ); function rlv_wpdmpro_file( $filename, $post_id ) { $files = get_package_data( $post_id, ‘files’ ); $upload_dir = wp_get_upload_dir(); $filename = $upload_dir[‘basedir’] . ‘/download-manager-files/’ . $files[0]; return $filename; } This function fetches the files attached to the WP Download Manager post with get_package_data(). To get the path, this function assumes…


The link to download the latest version of Relevanssi Premium appears below if you have an active subscription. If you don’t have one, register for an account here and follow the instructions. If you’re looking for the free version of Relevanssi, check the WordPress plugin repository….


…’woocommerce_edit_address’, ‘tc_process_payment’, ‘maxmegamenu’, // Max Mega Menu. ‘searchandfilter’, // Search and Filter. ‘downloads’, // Easy Digital Downloads. ‘download_history’, ‘purchase_history’, ‘download_checkout’, ‘purchase_link’, ‘download_cart’, ‘edd_profile_editor’, ‘edd_login’, ‘edd_register’, ‘swpm_protected’, // Simple Membership Partially Protected content. ‘gravityform’, // Gravity Forms. ‘sdm_latest_downloads’, // SDM Simple Download Monitor. ‘slimstat’, // Slimstat Analytics. ‘ninja_tables’, // Ninja Tables….

Premium 2.3.0 / Free 4.2.0

…better in multisite searching when you search for a taxonomy that doesn’t exist on the current site. Both versions are already out. Premium is available on the Download page and through the WordPress automatic updates, the free version can be downloaded from the plugin repository or with the automatic updates….…a search and you can then easily pin posts for that search term. New feature: Relevanssi can now use the contents of the PDF files indexed with WP File Download. New feature: Relevanssi now supports User Access Manager permission controls. Filters New filter: relevanssi_indexing_tokens can be used to filter the…

Known conflicts

…with some luck this will make Relevanssi and JetSmartFilters work together. Limited compatibility FooGallery – Relevanssi can index the images in the galleries, but the galleries themselves are inaccessible to Relevanssi. Has issues WP File Download – WP File Download overrides Relevanssi post type settings and sets the searched post……types to “post, page, wpfd_file”. That can be overridden with a relevanssi_modify_wp_query filter function. Relevanssi is compatible with WP File Download and can read PDF content indexed by WP File Download. The PDF content won’t show up in excerpts. Beaver Builder – Relevanssi cannot be used within Beaver builder modules,…

Popular searches

…On this site, I use the Relevanssi spam block tool to reduce the number of search spam. Thanks to that the top searches are not Chinese spam domains. Now the top 5 searches in the last 30 days are search, download, download/page, download/2/page, and download/2/2/page. Super interesting! Second, displaying the…

Premium 1.16.2 / Free 3.6.2

…doesn’t try to highlight post titles. New action: relevanssi_update_options lets you adjust Relevanssi options immediately after the defaults are set. Remove notices about duplicated database columns when installing the plugin. New versions can be updated automatically from the WordPress dashboard. You can also download Relevanssi Premium from the downloads page….…This smaller update includes: Premium only: ACF repeater fields with dashes didn’t work; that is now fixed. Simple Membership plugin is now supported automatically to restrict access to posts. Relevanssi can now handle orderby parameter in array format. Relevanssi now blocks Easy Digital Downloads shortcodes when indexing to improve compatibility…

Premium 1.14.6 | Free 3.5.6

…Relevanssi didn’t highlight terms that were followed by a ?, ! or an apostrophe. There’s also a new filter hook relevanssi_ok_to_log that makes it easier to control query logging. The free version can be downloaded from the repository, Premium can be downloaded through automatic updates or from the download page….

Premium 1.15.4 / Free 3.5.12

…Fake posts created for taxonomy terms now include the parent in $post->post_parent. Doing a quick edit cleaned out the Relevanssi post controls settings. The free version can be downloaded from the plugin repository. The Premium version can be downloaded from the downloads page and with the WordPress plugin auto-update feature….

Premium 2.4.0 / Free 4.3.0

…Relevanssi admin pages have been examined for accessibility and form labels have been improved in many places. Both versions are already out. Premium is available on the Download page and through the WordPress automatic updates, the free version can be downloaded from the plugin repository or with the automatic updates….