The link to download the latest version of Relevanssi Premium appears below if you have an active subscription. If you don’t have one, register for an account here and follow the instructions. If you’re looking for the free version of Relevanssi, check the WordPress plugin repository….

Known conflicts

…– Relevanssi can index the images in the galleries, but the galleries themselves are inaccessible to Relevanssi. Has issues WP File Download – WP File Download overrides Relevanssi post type settings and sets the searched post types to “post, page, wpfd_file”. That can be overridden with a relevanssi_modify_wp_query filter function. Relevanssi is compatible with WP File Download and can read PDF content indexed by WP File Download. The PDF content won’t show up in excerpts. Divi – The Search Results…

Premium 2.0.5

…to links pointing to the front page anymore (because that makes those links point to the blog page). There’s less need for relevanssi_get_permalink() now, as Relevanssi can adjust the links printed out with get_permalink(). The [searchform] shortcode can now take parameters, for example: [searchform post_types="page"] will print out a search form that only searches pages. Small improvement for excerpt-building, thanks to ___ _______. You can get 2.0.5 from the automatic update system, or you can download from the Download page….

Premium 1.14.2

…if your API key is set and valid, or you can download from the Download page. Fixed a fatal error when searching includes private posts. Multisite searches had some compatibility issues with other plugins and navigation menus; those have now been fixed. Multisite search (which has limitations) doesn’t trigger if the search only targets the current site. Multisite search can now return taxonomy terms. “Did you mean” corrections in search queries with many words work better now. Fixed an error…

Premium 1.14.5

…ACF “select” field support. Relevanssi will not break when frontend plugins insert posts. Polylang support has been improved. WPML and Polylang filters work when “fields” is set to “ids”. relevanssi_match filter has a new parameter, which contains the search term. relevanssi_post_ok filter was missing from the multisite search. If your API key is set and your license is valid, the new version will be available from the WordPress plugin management, but you can also download it from the Download page….

Premium 1.15.2

…recommended for future compatibility that you use WP_Query objects. Small bug fix: get_current_screen() is now only used when it’s available to avoid occasional fatal errors. Error messages from DOING_AJAX being undefined should be removed. Version 1.15.2 had an extra parentheses, which made the WP CLI indexing break. Version fixes that. You can get the new version through automatic update system, if you have a valid API key in place, or you can download it from the download page….


…in multisite environment. This is a recommended upgrade if you’re running a multisite, but if you’re on a single site system, it’s not necessary to update. Fixes “unknown column” issues in multisite searches. Removes errors when trying to search a multisite subsite that doesn’t have Relevanssi. Small fix to make automatic updates work better in a multisite environment. Get the update from auto update (if it works; it should work better after this update) or download from the Download page….

Premium / Free

These are small bug fix releases that squish an unpleasant little bug in the versions 1.16.2 and 3.6.2. The bug was in the new post sorting algorithm and caused notices about undefined indexes, and probably messed up the sorting in some cases (not all, though). Use the auto update, or download Premium from the download page….

Premium / Free

…improvement, where the “How Relevanssi sees this post” feature is now hidden by default and visible only after you click the “Show” button. It’s such a wall of text I thought it better to hide it by default – this also makes it easier to use the browser in-page search to find things on the post edit page. The Premium version can be updated with the auto update feature, or you can download the new version from the Download page….

Premium 1.10.9

…bug in 1.10.8, so the plugin doesn’t bug you for updates anymore once you done the update. I also squeezed in couple of other updates. Here’s the complete change log. Fixed the auto-update problem in 1.10.8 asking to update after update was done. Meta queries didn’t work without a key; now they work with just meta_value or meta_value_num. Modified the way the highlights work; now highlighting words with apostrophes should produce more meaningful results. Go download from the download page….